Cheese Tea Recipe Inspired by HEYTEA! 芝士奶盖茶喜茶秘方

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I manage to peek into HEYTEA’s barista when they was preparing the salt cheese layer! Here is the Best Cheese Tea Recipe for you!

Cheese tea is now the latest food trend, emerging from China, the craze for Cheese Tea is just crazy. Coming back to Malaysia, there is a few other Cheese Tea seller who also entered the market here, namely – Regius Tea , Chizu Drink Japanese Cheese Tea and Royaltea(皇茶). Having my previous experience with HEYTEA at Guangzhou and Chizu Drink at Sunway Pyramid. With HEYTEA (喜茶) being the crown of Cheese Tea in China, I’ve decided to do a little experiment of mine in attempt to imitate their Cheese Tea. (I just REVISED the cheese tea recipe here!)

    Yield 8 Cups     |     Difficulty  Easy     |     Prep. Time 30 Min     |     Cooking Time Nil     |     Total Time 30 Min     |

Ingredients – Cheese

250ml UHT Whip Cream
30g Cream Cheese
30g Cream Cheese Powder
100ml Fresh Milk (Full Cream)
a pinch of salt
50g sugar

Ingredients – Tea

tea of your choice (green tea, matcha, earl grey, jasmine, oolong, etc)
sugar to taste

Preparation – Tea

  1. Brew your tea of choice with 400ml of hot water.
  2. Let it chill and keep it refrigerator.

Preparation – Cheese

  1. Have all the Cheese ingredient well measured.
  2. Make sure all the cheese and dairy are chilled
  3. Prepare a clean and dry round whisking bowl.
  4. Add the Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese powder and milk into the bowl and beat.
  5. Make sure to dissolve all the cheese properly.
  6. Then add UHT Whip Cream, sugar and salt and beat on low speed.
  7. Beat until all the sugar and salt have dissolved.
  8. Then check consistency and beat to medium peak.
  9. Covered with cling wrap and keep chilled.


  1. Prepare a clean 600ml cup.
  2. Pour the chilled tea into the cup.
  3. Then gently scoop sufficient amount of Cheese on top of the tea.
  4. Lastly, dust some matcha powder over the cheese.


  1. The reason why I’ve changed the sequence than what you watched in the video is I found out that the cheese is difficult to be dissolved if I have the cheese add in after beating the UHT whip cream.
  2. Whip Cream are usually only beaten to peak consistency if it is for cake decorations.
  3. If you uses full peak whip cream, the taste would be greasy instead of creamy.

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  1. Antoni

    Hi Ethan,
    May I know why cream cheese powder is needed? Can we skip the cream cheese powder and add more some cream cheese?

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Antoni,
      Not very sure why, when they were preparing it and thats what I saw they added. You can try without the cream cheese powder though. Perhaps you could share with me what is your outcome ?

  2. Hoai

    Hi Ethan, What s brand the cheese cream powder you use?

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Hoai, the brand I used was Kraft. Not necessarily the same brand, as long as it is cream cheese powder.

      • car

        where can I find cream cheese powder in the supermarket?

        • Ethan Wong

          not all supermarket sell cream cheese powder I think. You will have better chances of finding them at a pastry supply store.

  3. Vincent

    Hi Ethan,

    I found that the cheese sinks a bit into the tea at first and floats back up immediately. And when I add more and more cheese, the cheese doesn’t link together like I expected – so it’s like chunks of cheese floating on top of the tea, which looks a bit gross.

    Have you experienced that during your experiments?


    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Vincent,
      That didn’t occur to me before. Hmm ??
      Could be over-beating of the cream. If you over beat the cream, the cream wouldn’t fold well with the cheese. Also over beat cream tend to taste greasy to our palate, this would also occurred with any cheese cakes including Tiramisu.

  4. Phoebe

    I know cheese foam is very popular now but creme brûlée topping is also popular, too. Can you perhaps try to recreate that?

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Phoebe! Creme brûlée topping? Would love to try it! But I haven’t seen that before, where do you suggest for me to check them out? Any videos, perhaps?

  5. Bi

    Used your recipe and it worked great! Thank you for this ??

    • Ethan Wong

      Most welcome! Glad that it helps you out!

  6. Chichi

    Is it ok if I use regular whip cream instead of UHT whip cream?

  7. Chichi

    Also, is fresh milk the same as whole milk?

    • Ethan Wong

      Hey, whipping cream is fine.
      Also whole milk is fine as well.

      • Chichi

        Awesome! Thank you, Ethan! Still waiting for my cream cheese order to arrive, will let you know how it turns out. I’m excited!!

        • Ethan Wong

          Looking forward to it! Do take some pictures ??

  8. Bryan

    hi, can i use parmesan cheese powder for that cheese tea??

    thank you

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Bryan, I’ve tried before with Parmesan Cheese Powder. They tasted a little weird to me. They will float as the usual cheese foam though.

  9. Ely

    Hi ethan, thank for your kindness to share the cheese tea recipe
    I’d like to ask about the cheese powder
    Is it the same cheese powder as we use it to make a sauce and topping?
    Thanks ?

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Ely,
      I believe the type of cheese powder u are saying is cheddar cheese powder. If it is cheddar cheese powder, it doesn’t goes well with the flavor of the tea.
      You will need to search for cream cheese powder. Any brand would do, as long as it is cream cheese powder.
      Hope this helps!

  10. jeff

    Hi ethan . Thanks for your video and recipe.. in my experiment im changing cream cheese powder using a total of 60g cream cheese . And then my cheese cream not becoming as solid as your.. and its blend with the tea .. how to make it more solid? Do i need more cream cheese or else?.. thankss ..

    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Jeff, i think it is because your cream is still underbeat. U will need to make sure that u got a medium-peak consistency for the cream.

      • jeff

        ow thanks tommorow i will try to make become medium peak .. make new or just re beat my old one ? Cz right now still in the refrigator and covered with plastic wrap

        • Ethan Wong

          You could try to further beat them and see. Not very sure, pastry is not my specialty, but no harm try though.

          • jeff

            Thanks about your answer.. hope your business keep growing.. thankss?????

          • Ethan Wong

            Thank you Jeff! Keep visiting and feel free to ask me anything about food, i will try to answer you as long as it is within my knowledge.

  11. Najla

    Hi Ethan,

    Can you please name all brand of ingredients you used to make the tea please?
    It would be very helfupl I tried 8 times with different brands and it failed :(.

    I’m going to china soon you think I might find some there ?


    • Ethan Wong

      Hi Najla!

      This recipe was created quite some time ago. i don’t remember all the brands but I’ve include the necessary details below;

      1. Cream cheese – Kraft
      2. Cream cheese powder – not sure, I brought from a pastry store where they repacked.
      3. Milk – use fresh whole milk, full cream milk will do. Do not use skim milk, low fat milk, flavored milk, milk solids (meaning those that are sold in room temperature) or creamer.
      4. Cream – Use pastry grade Whipping cream, UHT cream. Avoid using cooking cream cause cooking cream will have thickener or stabilizer added.
      5. Sugar – any regular sugar would do, coarse or fine is usable.
      6. Salt – any salt will do. For better quality, use flake salt, sea salt, himalayan salt.

      I believe that the issue that you faced is the technique, I am guessing.

      Perhaps you could DM on my Facebook page when you are making them and send me pictures of your progress, then I could guide you more detail there.


  12. najla

    Thank you very much I’ll try to go with same way you explained and will take some photos to show you, I don’t have facebook but I might registrar.

    Thank you very much. Will try Doing the tea and show you. 😀


  13. Farah

    Hi can i know which pastry shop did you buy the cream cheese powder? I could not find it anywhere

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