Best Guangzhou Delicacies – Authentic Local Guangzhou Food (PART 2)

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Guangzhou Delicacies, Local Guangzhou Food list! – 广州老字号美食

As soon I have returned to Malaysia, got home and took a hot bath, with a cup of milk tea, here I am finishing off the remaining laozihao – Guangzhou delicacies from part 1. Hopefully, I did not keep you waited for too long for the rest of the best Guangzhou delicacies! On another note, as I was hunting for local Guangzhou delicacies, I was conned into one of the shops that had the name laozihao used in their restaurant name but were not a laozihao. During my trip there, I had a thrilling experience wandering off the back alley on some unseen part of Guangzhou (check out the hidden alleys at the bottom of this post!). Long story short, read on for the remaining Guangzhou delicacies! (Also check out the best Guangzhou restaurant list here)

7. Yin Ji Chang Fen Dian 银记肠粉店 – Steamed roll rice noodle

yin ji chang fen

Probably the best-steamed roll rice noodle in Guangzhou since 1958. With plenty of outlets all around Guangzhou, you could easily find them anywhere in town. Their overall roll rice noodle is a good balance for the fillings, flavor, and steamed rice skin is smooth as well.

guangzhou food

Their menu – steamed roll rice noodle, porridge and some sides

Yin Ji Steam chang fen

Sharing table is the usual experience here. There is more seating upstairs.

Guangzhou lao zi hao

Their staff tirelessly preparing steam roll rice noodle

chang fen

My favorite steamed roll rice noodle because they are easily accessible

Address : Yue Xiu District, Hui Fu East Road, No. 519
Price Range : 10RMB – 25RMB ($1.45 – $3.36)
Overall Rating : 8/10
How to get there : Metro line 6, Beijing Road Station, Exit A, and head north. Just right next to Beijing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

8. Shun Ji Bing Shi 顺记冰室 – Dessert House

Guangzhou ice cream

Believes to be the only laozihao dessert house that served ice cream. They begin their business in the 1980s, serving only coconut and mango flavored ice cream, and never do they provide take away options.

guangzhou ice cream menu

Today they have expanded their menu to serve some hot dishes as well

interior sitting of guangzhuo ice cream

Though the entrance looks small, but on the inside, there is plenty of seating

shun ji ice cream

Ice lolly is so good during the summer

guangzhou ice cream

Shun Ji Signature Tri-Combo

I had their signature mix. Unfortunately, mango flavor was out of stock, so I had the mango flavor replaced with pineapple flavor alongside coconut and durian flavor. I was surprised that the ice cream is incredibly smooth in texture, hinting that the fats used were of high quality. Coconut flavor is good and rich and the durian was not bad. However, the pineapple flavor tastes like pineapple extract. Definitely worth the try for Chinese ice cream!

Address : Li Wan District, Bao Hua Road, No. 85
Price Range : 10RMB – 30RMB ($1.45 – $4.35)
Overall Rating : 7.5/10
How to get there : Metro line 1, Chang Shou Station, Exit D2 and head south about 300m.

9. Bao Hua Mian Dian 宝华面店 – Wanton Noodle

bao hua noodle house entry

I’ve got to know about this wanton noodle restaurant from the uncle back at Jian Ji Mian Dian. Bao Hua Mian Dian is exceptionally well known for their wanton noodles and has been in business for a period of time.

guangzhou wanton noodle

Their staff quickly went to hide as soon as they saw me trying to take a photo of their menu – haha

sitting of bao hua noodle house

This restaurant still preserve the old Guangzhou ambient

bao hua noodle

Mushroom Wanton Noodle

I had a mushroom wanton noodles which were pretty good, the soup was flavorful and rich, each bite of the wanton gives a nice aroma from the mushroom and the noodle is needlessly to say al dente.

dried prawn roe

Just to show you that they uses lots of dried prawn roe to produce this rich soup. (dried prawn roe is a luxury Chinese ingredient)

Address : Li Wan District, Bao Hua Road, No. 85
Price Range : 20RMB +/- ($2.89 +/-)
Overall Rating : 7.5/10
How to get there : Metro line 1, Chang Shou Station, Exit D2 and head south about 200m.

10. Lao Xi Guan Lai Fen 老西关濑粉 – Noodle House

guangzhou laozihao lai fen

With only about 30sq meter they serve handmade noodles, hanging pictures of old Guangzhou on the wall of the upper seating area. A relatively humble restaurant that serves an authentic Chinese Guangzhou dish.

lai fen

Handmade noodles where the rice batter are strain through a sieve to produce this unique noodle

Guangzhou Lai Fen

Lai Fen in Thick gravy

Served in thick gravy, with the option of garnishing your own bowl of noodle with pickled mustard leaf, pickled spicy vegetables and coriander, and spring onion. The gravy was a little too starchy and salty for my personal preference.

Address : Yue Xie District, Wen Ming Road, No. 216
Price Range : 10RMB +/- ($1.45 +/-)
Overall Rating : 6/10
How to get there : Metro line 6, Beijing Road Station, Exit B and ask the local for Wen Ming Road.

11. Wu Zhan Ji Zhou Pin Zhuan Jia 伍湛记粥品专家 – Porridge House

guangzhou famous porridge

For more than 40 years of history in the business, this restaurant has been passed down for a few generations. Porridge has been their signature dish since their first day of operations.

wu zhan ji menu

Huge selection of menu

guangzhou famous porridge

Still with the old Guangzhou restaurant ambient

Best porridge guangzhou

Wu Zhan Ji Signature Porridge

I ordered their signature porridge – mixed based porridge, without knowing what the fillings are. Pig’s intestine, kidney, and all the organ stuff is not my kind of thing. However, the smoothness of the porridge is exceptional and very well seasoned.

Address : Li Wan District, Long Jin Dong Road, No. 871 – 873
Price Range : 12RMB +/- ($1.74 +/-)
Overall Rating : 7/10
How to get there : Metro line 1, Chen Clan Station, Exit C and ask the local for Long Jin Dong Road (龙津东路)

12. Bai Hua Dessert Store 百花甜品店

Been in business since 1986, serving a variety of Chinese desserts. When I was there, noticing the differing dialect I believe the Chinese patrons are from all over China.

bai hua dessert crowd

The crowd was good from the time I queue up to purchase until I left the place

bai hua menu

Any sort of Chinese dessert you desire, they have it here!

guangzhou bai hua dessert

Underneath those cover all filled with different types of desserts!

I had red bean barley with sweet potatoes. Overall was a little too sweet to my personal preference but each ingredient was well prepared. I saw many ordered the papaya dessert. Perhaps I should have tried that.

red bean dessert

Address : Yue Xiu District, Wen Ming Road, No. 210
Price Range : 15RMB +/- ($2.17+/-)
Overall Rating : 6.5/10
How to get there : Metro line 6, Beijing Road Station, Exit B and ask the local for Wen Ming Road (文明路).

13. Zhou Sheng Ji Tai Ye Ji 周生鸡太爷鸡 – Braised Chicken

zhou sheng ji tai ye ji grandpa chicken

They have been serving the industry for more than a century with their famous Tai Ye Ji, literally translated as grandpa chicken – Chinese braised chicken. During their break time, customers come here to buy their signature chicken as take away and the queue, though short but never stopped.

guangzhou grandpa chicken

They sold their braised chicken based on weight

zhou sheng ji menu

Their menu and pricing


Soy-based flavor with a complex aromatic of herbs and spices, the meat was nicely braised, smooth and succulent meat hinted that the cooking temperature was well controlled. Needless to say, more, be sure to visit them when you are around Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Streets!

half a chicken

One of the best chicken I ever had

Address : Yue Xiu District, Wen Ming Road, No. 39
Price Range : 150RMB +/- for half a chicken ($21.77+/-)
Overall Rating : 8/10
How to get there : Metro line 6, Beijing Road Station, Exit B and ask the local for Tai Ye Ji (太爷鸡).

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