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Fish Head Soup – Malaysia Fish Head Noodle Soup Recipe

Fish Head Noodle soup is our local favorite. The fish stock has to be carefully prepared. Here is how the best Fish Head Noodle vendors make their broth!

Mapo Tofu – Authentic Sichuan Recipe

Mapo tofu is a braised tofu in spicy bean paste sauce with a numbing sensation from the Sichuanese Peppercorn. Mapo Tofu is another Sichuan famous dish!

Easy Tiramisu Recipe – Oozing Tiramisu

Have you ever had Tiramisu where the cheese just oozes down? Try my Easy Tiramisu Recipe where I learned during my internship at a hotel’s pastry department

Best Mantou Recipe – Homemade Chinese Steamed Buns

Homemade mantou Recipe! Making mantou at home is easier than you think – make chinese steamed bun at home with just a few simple steps! Check it out!

How to Make Boba Pearls Recipe from Scratch 如何自做黑糖珍珠!

Boba pearls has become a trending add ons for many beverages. They are so simple to make and I decided to make a how to make boba pearls at home recipe

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