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Steamed Egg – How to do Chinese Steamed Egg

Steamed egg might look easy, but to steam egg that is smooth require some technique. Here is how to steam egg that guarantees to be smooth like a Masterchef

Claypot Chicken Rice – A Rice Cooker Recipe

Claypot Chicken Rice without a claypot? The answer is yes, you can use your rice cooker to mimic the process of claypot chicken rice with a rice cooker

Casserole Chicken Recipe 砂锅鸡 (One Wok Chicken)

Simplifying The Traditional Chinese Casserole ChickenThis recipe is usually cooked with casserole. Traditionally, in China it is called Casserole Chicken 砂锅鸡. But not everyone has the luxury of getting-everything-you-want in their kitchen, so I have slightly...

La Zi Ji – Sichuan Mala Chicken Recipe

La Zi Ji is Hot Pepper Chicken, also known as Mala Chicken. This La zi ji recipe is so simple and is an authentic Sichuan’s Chongqing Mala Chicken recipe!

Pan Mee Recipe – Hakka Mee Hoon Kueh

Pan Mee also is known as Mee Hoon Kueh, translated as flat flour noodle. The important factor for a bowl of Pan Mee Recipe is the noodle and the soup!

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