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Salad Prawn Recipe Quick and Easy Dim Sum Style

Salad Prawn is one of the common dishes especially whenever we visit a Dim Sum place and here is how we can hype it up to make a red Salad Prawn Recipe!

Fish Head Soup – Malaysia Fish Head Noodle Soup Recipe

Fish Head Noodle soup is our local favorite. The fish stock has to be carefully prepared. Here is how the best Fish Head Noodle vendors make their broth!

Pho Recipe Authentic Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

What makes a good pho recipe (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)? My roommate back in Taipei happens to be Vietnamese, where he shared an authentic pho recipe with me!

Chow Mein with Homemade Egg Noodle Recipe

A good chow mein only requires simple ingredients, so easy to cook! Let’s make the chow mein more fun by making our own handmade egg noodles as well!

Colorful Fruity Boba Pearls Recipe [Revised]

Boba pearls is becoming a trend is our beverage and actually making them yourself is very easy. Do you know that fruit boba pearls would be the next trend?

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