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Easy Casserole Chicken – Chinese Casserole Recipe

My Easy Casserole Chicken needed very simple ingredients! This is a Chinese Casserole Chicken Recipe that I adjusted so you can cook with a pan instead!

Yu Xiang Eggplant – Sichuan Yu Xiang Qie Zi Recipe

One of the uses for Sichuan Yu Xiang sauce is Yu Xiang Qie Zi, literally means fish-flavored eggplant. This Yu Xiang Qie Zi is one of the best!

Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe – Two Fried Rice in One!

Shrimp Fried Rice in other words, Yangzhou Fried Rice is a common Chinese rice dish. My Shrimp Fried Rice recipe will definitely make your palate dance!

Simple Cheese Tea Recipe REVISED and made easy!

The previous cheese tea recipe, I’ve made with cream cheese block and cream cheese powder. This time even simpler! Revised Cheese Tea Recipe, easy for you!

Best XO Sauce Recipe – Lee Kum Kee Worthy!

XO Sauce is a spicy seafood sauce. My recipe is similar to the famous Lee Kum Kee brand of XO sauce that is well recognized to most Chinese!

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