English Roasted Chicken Recipe

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Roasting Chicken, The English Way

I was looking for inspiration on what recipe to create, and I was sitting at my dining area, it just struck upon me the oven that my mother brought long ago and left unused. I recalled this simple roasted chicken recipe and I believe this English Roasted Chicken recipe will spice up your next meal!

    Serve 2     |     Difficulty  Medium     |     Prep. Time 15 Min     |     Cooking Time 45 Min     |     Total Time 60 Min     |


1 whole boneless chicken leg
1 head of white onion
2 red tomatoes
1 packet of 100g sweet beans
100g green beans
Butterfly chicken breast (Optional) – Some prefer chicken breast, I presume
Cajun seasoning – 1 tsp per pound of meat
Salt to taste
Olive Oil – n/a
Black pepper – grind as necessary
1 tbsp of Yellow Mustard



  1. Clean chicken and season with salt and Cajun seasoning
  2. Cut White Onion and Tomato into oblique.
  3. Peel both end of the sweet beans and keep aside.
  4. Cut green beans into about 1 inches in length then keep aside.
  5. Preheat oven to 230 degree Celsius.
  6. With a baking tray, add white onions, red tomatoes, green beans, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Mix well.

Cooking – Boneless Whole Leg Chicken

  1. Roast mix vegetables for 15 minutes at 230 degree Celsius.
  2. Then place the marinated boneless chicken leg over the roasted vegetables.
  3. Roast for another 30 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, poach the sweet beans for 30 – 45 seconds with some salt.
  5. Soak sweet beans in a cold bath to stop the cooking process. Strain and peel both end.
  6. Once the chicken is done remove and set aside.
  7. Reduce the gravy in the roasting tray with a tablespoon of yellow mustard.
  8. Season with salt as necessary.
  9. Remove gravy from heat and set aside.

Cooking – Butterfly Chicken Breast

  1. Roast the marinated butterfly chicken breast for 11 minutes at 230 degree Celsius.
  2. The rest of the step remain the same as above (Cooking – Boneless Whole Leg Chicken).


  1. Carefully place generous amount of roasted vegetables on a clean plate.
  2. Place the roasted chicken slanted over the roasted vegetable.
  3. Pour a spoonful or two of the gravy on the roasted chicken.
  4. Garnish with peeled sweet beans.

Cooking Tips

  1. Meats marinated using salt does have a very low water absorption properties similar to brining process.
  2. An alternative method of keeping the meat dry is to use fats. Types of fats to be use depends on the type of meat and important, the result that you yearn.
  3. However, I uses water because I prefer to keep it as low fat as possible, hence I make use of the absorption properties causes by the salt.

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