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All my contents are free since 2016 and I will continue to make content with the aim to inspire more people! I have been asked multiple times how they could thank me, so I decided to create this section and below is how you could show your token of appreciation.

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If you have a recipe that you would love me to curate, let me know by requesting with me via the u button below.
* I cannot guarantee I will have time to make them, but I can keep this list on check*

Angela Ng

From Sarawak

“what would you think of this wok? is it worth buying ?”

Dear Ethan, so glad to get your views on this. As a ‘green horn’ on cooking utensils, my first n foremost thoughts were to seek your advice n I really didn’t notice all those features, until you pointed it out. Thx so much, Ethan, for taking the trouble to look it up. I’ll keep on browsing during this lockdown. Have a great evening.

Minh Nguyen


“I learnt how to make XO Sauce from you”

I learnt how to make XO Sauce from you and I just made it today
It is super delicious
Thank you so much


Florida, USA

“For your cheese foam recipe”

I tried using heavy whipping cream today and it worked like a charm!

Michelle C.


“Chinese Preserved Mustard Steam Pork Belly”

I like the way how you prepare the dish. It’s simple, hassle-free and requiring just the essential ingredients which are easily available in any Chinese kitchens. The outcome is also awesome!