Easy Tiramisu Recipe – Oozing Tiramisu

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I bet you have never tried before a Tiramisu where the cheese just oozed, even if you have it would be in Italy and very few of them actually make this oozing Tiramisu. We will love a sweet oozing cheese custard, don’t we? This Easy Tiramisu Recipe which I learn during my internship at a hotel back in 2007, and I made a slight adjustment to the recipe to allow the cheese custard to ooze! This Easy Tiramisu Recipe is for you!

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Tiramisu Recipe that Oozes, Anyone?

Most Tiramisu that we had is where their shapes are fixed and well hold, the technique to hold the shape is known as zabaglione (according to chefbikeski.com), an egg custard, combine with mascarpone cheese and whipped cream. But we won’t be doing that version of the recipe, instead, we will be making my version where the custard layer oozes, oh well, I love this slightly runny and oozing custard!

The other common version which is available everywhere, gelatine is used to hold the egg custard, by using gelatine, it is easy, convenient, and 100% it will hold its shape. So I remove the gelatine from the recipe to achieve this oozing effect.

Tiramisu egg custard


The classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu (in Italian, it means pick-me-up) a dish of Classical romance, was created by accident. It was said that during the war times, a wife was trying to put together a dessert for her husband in a hurried manner. However there was little food in this house, so the wife put together coffee, biscuit, cheese, and cocoa powder for her husband that was bound for the front line, just like that, with such coincidence, a rich aromatic dessert was created. My Easy Tiramisu Recipe has to eaten fresh to savor every bit of its flavor and aroma to its fullest. However, I included oozing style as well as the common style in this Easy Tiramisu Recipe. Hope you enjoy making this simple and delicious recipe!

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Easy Tiramisu Recipe with Oozing Egg Custard

Easy Tiramisu Recipe
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Try my version of Tiramisu where I got this recipe during my internship in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. You can use any of your preferred coffee as well as mixing with fruits that you like.
准备时间 30 minutes
Setting Time 4 hours
总时间 4 hours 30 minutes
餐点 Dessert
菜系 Fusion, Italian
难度 简单
份量 4


  • 500 Mascarpone Cheese
  • 10 nos Egg Yolk
  • 300
  • 400 Whipping Cream
  • 25 Gelatin
  • Chocolate Powder
  • Black Coffee (Espresso, or anything you preferred.)
  • Ladyfinger Biscuit
  • Assorted Fruits (optional for garnishing)
  • Liquor (optional - rum, brandy, red wine, etc.)


With Gelatin

  • Whisk egg yolk and sugar until all the sugar has dissolved. (Add in liquor at this step, if any)
  • Mix mascarpone cheese into the batter and continue whisking until everything merges together.
  • Set aside the cheese batter in the fridge.
  • Use another mixing bowl and whisk the whipped cream to semi-beat consistency.
  • Combine semi-beat whip cream into cheese batter.
  • Fold the mixture together.
  • Melt the gelatin with hot water.
  • Fold the melted gelatin into the batter with an up and down motion.
  • Prepare a clean container.
  • Brew your preferred coffee.
  • Dip ladyfinger biscuit into coffee and arrange them neatly as the base layer.
  • Pour cheese batter on top of the base layer. For a good balanced flavor, I suggest the thickness of the cheese at 1 inch.
  • Do another layer of dipped ladyfinger biscuit and another cheese layer over it.
  • Finish off the top by dusting chocolate powder carefully.
  • Let it set in the fridge for 4 hours or more.
  • Garnish with cut fruits.

Oozing Tiramisu (Without Gelatin)

  • The steps are the same as mentioned above, the only difference is to remove the usage of gelatin.
  • Recommended to enjoy fresh for the best flavor.




  • Do not overbeat the whipped cream to fully beat consistency. This would produce an unpleasant fatty sensation to the diner’s tongue.
  • Make sure all the sugar has been fully dissolved before adding the Mascarpone Cheese to prevent the Mascarpone cheese from clumping.
  • Alternatively, cream cheese can be used to replace Mascarpone cheese. If you’re using cream cheese, whisk cream cheese with sugar first, before adding the egg yolk (one egg yolk at a time). The following steps are the same from Step 4.


卡路里 : 1227大卡碳水化合物 : 80蛋白 : 17脂肪 : 94饱和脂肪 : 58胆固醇 : 289毫克钠 : 121毫克钾盐 : 75毫克糖 : 75维生素A : 3256IU维生素C : 1毫克钙 : 247毫克铁 : 1毫克
过敏 : Eggs, Milk
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