japanese souffle cakes

About Ethan’s Cakes

Hey, I am Ethan, I have been asked plenty of times since 2014,
“Hey, Ethan, when could I try your food? I had watched so many of your cooking videos, I would really love to try your food one day”,
With this in mind, I have been thinking of bringing the 3thanwong.com experience to you while still doing what I like during the weekdays.
So now, on weekends, I am bringing the real experience to you – with my Japanese Souffle Cakes.
Currently, they are only available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Japanese Soufflé Cakes

I worked on this Japanese Soufflé Cakes for about a month to develop a recipe using premium imported ingredients with a delicate method, so everyone could enjoy the best Soufflé Cakes that is fluffy, melt in your mouth, with a light after-taste aroma that lingers in your palate, and I assure you will crave for more!