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Steamed Egg – How to do Chinese Steamed Egg

Steamed egg might look easy, but to steam egg that is smooth require some technique. Here is how to steam egg that guarantees to be smooth like a Masterchef

How to Fried Rice Basic – Golden Fried Rice & Regular Fried Rice 普通炒饭 & 黄金蛋炒饭

Masterchef Golden Fried Rice is the Next Fried Rice!Often we only know the existence of the regular fried rice, where very few realize there is another version of fried rice known as golden fried rice. The regular fried rice is where the rice and eggs are two...

Zha Jiang Mian Recipe Beijing Fried Sauce Noodle

Zha Jiang Mian translated as “fried sauce noodles” rose to frame in Beijing. Zhajiang sauce is made with pork or beef with salty fermented soybean paste.

The Best Pan Mee Recipe – Malaysian Breakfast! 马来西亚板面秘方

Pan Mee, Ban Mian or Mee Hoon Kueh? A Malaysian Delicacy 板面或面粉粿?An authenthic Malaysian Chinese Hakka noodle, also locally known as Mee Hoon Kueh, literally translated as flat flour noodle. Similar egg noodle dish are also popular in China, Taiwan and Singapore....

La Zi Ji Recipe Sichuan Hot Pepper Chicken 四川辣子鸡秘方

The Best Sichuan Chicken Dish, A Must Whenever I Visit a Sichuan Restaurant!La Zi Ji is a must have whenever you dine in at Sichuan Cuisine restaurant! The combinations of spices give this dish amazing complexity, especially the Sichuan peppercorn which makes this Hot...

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