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Dong Po Pork – Braised Pork Belly Recipe

Dong Po Pork is braised pork belly delivers an amazing succulent piece of pork belly to your palate. Here is the authentic Chinese Dong Po Pork Recipe!

La Zi Ji – Sichuan Mala Chicken Recipe

La Zi Ji is Hot Pepper Chicken, also known as Mala Chicken. This La zi ji recipe is so simple and is an authentic Sichuan’s Chongqing Mala Chicken recipe!

Claypot Chicken Rice – A Rice Cooker Recipe

Claypot Chicken Rice without a claypot? The answer is yes, you can use your rice cooker to mimic the process of claypot chicken rice with a rice cooker

Rendang Chicken Recipe – Masterchef Crispy Skin Rendang

Two types of rendang – dried rendang and wet rendang. Chicken Redang is usually the wet rendang, here is how you can make chicken rendang with crispy skin!

Simple Cheese Tea Recipe REVISED and made easy!

The previous cheese tea recipe, I’ve made with cream cheese block and cream cheese powder. This time even simpler! Revised Cheese Tea Recipe, easy for you!

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