CHIZU Drink Japanese Cheese Tea – A Game Changing Tea Culture or Not?

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A few days after I have returned to Malaysia, I came across this news of a newly opened Cheese Tea seller, known as Chizu Drink located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Still, with the hype from HEYTEA experience back at Guangzhou, I went to visit them at Sunway Pyramid, hoping that their cheese tea is as good as HEYTEA. (Read about HEYTEA uproar here!)

So I went to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in the afternoon to savor myself a cup of cheese tea and also to find out how well did they go. it was easy to be found, located at LG1 Central Avenue, just nearby WEBE Digital Kiosk. (Also do check out my best Cheese Tea recipe)

Chizu Drink Sunway Pyramid

Chizu Drink at Sunway Pyramid LG1 Central Avenue

Considered myself lucky that the queue took less than 5 minutes, whereas I had a 1-hour queue with HEYTEA at Guangzhou.

Chizu Drink Japanese Cheese Tea Malaysia

Chizu Drink Menu and Price

I ordered a Jasmine Green Tea Super Flavour as the staff explained to me that the Chizu Super Flavour series offers a richer and creamier cheese flavor. There was about 5 order ahead of me. So I took this opportunity to look around and snap some photos.

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

The crowd at Chizu Drink waiting to collect their drinks

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Their barista working tirelessly to prepare the orders

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Chizu Barista whipping up the cream to be mixed with the cheese

Chizu Drink Sushi Cake

Chizu Drink’s cake counter

Chizu Drink Sushi Cake

Chizu’s Sushi Cake

Chizu Drink Sushi Cake

Chizu Drink – Pastry Menu and Price

I’ve read on their Facebook saying that their drinks goes well with their sushi-cake (sushi sized cake) to create an unique combination. I didn’t manage to try it as I only found out about this later on.

Chizu Private jet

Chizu Drink Private Jet event – #chizuprivatejet

They are currently doing an event that could win yourself a private jet ticket to fly the skies of Kuala Lumpur by snapping a selfie of yourself with the Chizu Drink. Simply post on Facebook and don’t forget to hashtag. The event runs from 15 March 2017 – 30 April 2017. Click here to submit your picture!

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Chizu Drink – Collection counter

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Look at that oozing cheese bucket over an ice bucket – whipped cream need to be keep chilled

Chizu Drink Barista

Look at that cheese being poured onto the drinks – where is mine!?

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Finally I got my Chizu Cheese Jasmine Green Tea Super Flavor!

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Chizu Drink instruction

They do include a small instruction on how to enjoy a cup of cheese tea which is important for anyone who hasn’t tried cheese tea before.

Chizu Drink Cheese Tea

Chizu Cheese Jasmine Green Tea Super Flavor

Chizu Cheese Jasmine Green Tea Super Flavor

As I impatiently flip open the cover and got it to sit on the holder, I take a sip of both the cheese and jasmine green tea, and I briefly hold in my mouth for a few quick seconds before swallowing the combinations. I was disappointed, as I personally think it is not up to par. Hesitating my own taste bud, I take a second sip hoping that I was wrong. To my disappointment, they did not come close to HEYTEA. The layer of cheese was too thick to the extent that it feels slightly greasy, kinda taste like over beat cream. Lacking the surprise factor that would make me ask for more. Whereas the jasmine green tea is somewhat on an average scale.

My Verdict

Chizu Drink is a self-proclaimed first Japanese Cheese Tea in Malaysia. Being fresh in the beverages sector, specifically, tea beverages – cheese tea, could indeed land themselves on a game-changing term. With the HEYTEA’s cheese tea uproar going on in China, it is just a matter of time when would someone bring up this cheese tea trend in Malaysia. Since Chizu Drink is the first cheese tea seller on the Malaysian market, gaining an upper hand, are they going to take the cheese tea benchmark to another level? Distinguishing the standard of cheese tea before their possible competitors, the current market bubble milk tea seller enters the game. (Learn my Cheese Tea recipe here)

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