RM50,000 Paid Up Capital For Filming License in Malaysia

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All Film Producers Must Apply for FINAS License Prior to Filming in Malaysia

“Film producers must apply for Film Production License and Film Shooting Certificate (SPP) regardless of whether they are mainstream media agencies or personal media which produce films on social media platforms or traditional channels,” Saifuddin said during the minister’s question time at Parliament today.

filming finas license
Well, to begin with, I am anyone who writes articles related to news, or political events as that is not what I do with my blog here, but today I stumble upon this news as reported by our local News portal.

I must say that since MCO, I have been spending a lot of time revamping my website, trying to make it more user friendly, adding more features, and I also did change my website style twice. At any given time when I was not occupied with work, I would spend time working on my website as I thought of making my food recipe blog better, to make better content, make better videos, I even purchase more videography equipment, gearing myself for my upcoming videos that I tend to change the entire style completely.

Quoted from The Star Saifuddin said that “Finas issues three types of licences to the film industry, they are licences to produce, distribute and broadcast films or videos.”

“Section 22 (1) of the Finas Act reads that no one can take part in any activities to produce, distribute or broadcast any film unless a licence is issued to the person,” said Saifuddin in reply to Wong Shu Qi (PH-Kluang) during the Ministerial Question Time on Thursday (July 23).

He added that the government remain supportive of anyone, organisations or individuals to produce any form of film.

Is This The End of Creative Content Creations in Malaysia?

This applies to video content on various social platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc, as long as the media is a moving image which means a video or a film.

This makes me think twice if I am about to record a 10 seconds video of sunset for my Instagram story since I am required to submit 7 days in an advance application for that video recording.

Well, if you have been following my blog or stumbled upon my blog post about durian buffet, you would have known that I made all of my content for free, without any form of support from any party, only some ads revenue from Adsense and Youtube (frankly speaking the ads revenue I got is not even enough to pay for my monthly utility bill).

On top of that, we do actually have some Malaysian who make a living full time from being a Youtuber. What is it going to happen to them?

As I understand as of now, the Fees of Finas license is per film title.

I used to upload 1 video a week, I am already at lost each time I upload a video if I am to calculate the amount of time I used to produce one video. According to the fees in the Finas website, there is plenty of fees category.

Before I even think further about creating more videos, I have to worry about license application, the fees, etc.

Why This License Now? Al Jazeera Controversy

This all happens due to the recent documentary released by Al Jazeera – Locked Up in Malaysia’s Lockdown.

Well, I am Malaysian and now as the time of writing this article, I am in Kuala Lumpur, after watching their documentary, I have to say their documentary is very inaccurate, sort of documents in a way to gain views and popularity, simply put, they are “Vines Media Production” instead.

The Future of Creative Content in Malaysia

I am hopeful that our government would take consideration that Finas License would be ease so that creative content creators like us can continue to create content that we love doing.

Perhaps, doing more case study to understand the local demographic on the creative content creator in order to better stimulate this sector. 

The current decision, I felt is sort of rushing in and turn away many creative ideas. 

Think about it, I cannot do it in Malaysia, how about if I just film, edit and upload from our neighboring country? 

Some of the General Condition for License Application

  • Applicants must registered owner of a Sdn Bhd company
  • Paid Up Capital of RM50,000
  • Production planning for either drama, telemovie, advertising, and others for a period of 3 years in clock form

More info here

Updates – 24th July 2020

The next day;

“The Cabinet has agreed to uphold freedom of the media and individual freedom on social media.
“Social media users such as those of TikTok, YouTube and as such are free to use the platforms to produce and upload videos as usual without the need to apply for a license or fear being charged under the Finas Act.

Looks like everyone can continue to be creative and upload videos on the social platform again.

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